05-13 Corvette 10lb/15lb Nitrous Bottle Bracket Mounting Plate


Race Proven. Although this bracket has a aesthetic appeal it is tough enough to handle the hardest launches and shifts you can throw at it. Machined from heavy duty aluminum this bottle bracket will hold 2 10/15lb nitrous bottle brackets in place while you are railing through gears down the track.

Perfect Fit Guaranteed. Nitrous Outlet bottle bracket mounting plates are test fitted, refined, and test fitted again to assure that they will fit perfectly and provide maximum stability to keep your bottle brackets securely in place.

Application. This mounting bracket is specifically designed to be instaleld in the rear hatch area of the 2005-2013 Corvette. The included high strength epoxy will hold the bracket securely to the fiberglass body under the carpet. 5/16in studs will stick out above the carpet so that bottle brackets can be installed easily.

Supported Brackets;Nitrous Outlet dual billet bottle bracket, Nitrous Outlet single billet bottle bracket x2, Nitrous Outlet heated bottle brackets x2, Nitrous Outlet standard bottle brackets x2.